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Becoming a champion!

Jakoma Equestrian offers lessons for individual riders as well as clinics. Donna is happy to work with any level of rider and the youngest of riders and the greenest of horses are most welcome! 

Lessons are tailored to each horse and riders individual needs. 



Preparing a champion!

If you would like to give your horse that professional "tune up" or perhaps you need someone to work your horse whilst you go on holiday! Jakoma Equestrian is available to provide your horse with intensive training to help both you and your horse prepare for your next level of competition or to refine existing skills.  

All levels and discipline of horses are welcomed. 



The easy alternative!

Selling horses and/or ponies can be hard , stressful, time consuming and emotional.  

Jakoma Equestrian offers commission based sales, which takes all headaches away!

With our large network of contacts in the industry, we are guaranteed to find your friend a wonderful new partnership! 

We can also help with sourcing you, your new partner. If you are looking for something special and don't know where to start - we can help!

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